Greenmaster compatible board KXTL-230 KX8-230C FH Astek WIRED | Console connector 3 + 2 pins | power supply console

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Greenmaster compatible board KXTL-230 KX8-230C FH Astek WIRED | Console connector 3 + 2 pins | power supply console.

Control board for treadmills, new, suitable to replace Greenmaster boards-console connector 3 + 2 pins. Pin spacing 5 mm.

The board is adaptable to all types of treadmills. Control voltage 0-10 V calibrated on Greenmaster specifications.

Compared to the original board, some protections have been introduced:

- Motor line protection to increase safety in the event of a mosfet short circuit.

- Input Signal Protection: if the potentiometer is shorted, or the customer has turned on with the potentiometer regulated at full speed, the board will stop instead of going to full speed.

- Protection on sudden commands: if the customer turns the speed very quickly by mistake, the board will respond by increasing the speed gradually.

- incoming AC line protection fuse. Technical data Pilot signal: 0-10 VDC, initial calibration 8 VDC = 170 VDC voltage to the motor. Motor power supply (terminals M+/M-): 0-230V, max 8A Power display (through the appropriate connector): 0/12 VDC


To simplify the installation, the board is provided with all the wires, for easy installation in the treadmill.

The wiring provided with this board is with 3+2 pins.

Control board for treadmills (motor controller board), compatible with type Greenmaster, FH, JD and KXTL, already wired.

Tens of thousands of treadmills have been manufactured with Greenmaster boards.

They have been distributed by numerous brands around the world.

So, there are different types of Greenmaster boards: to understand the right model for you, you will need to check two main points: type of transformer and type of connector.

Single secondary transformer controller

If there are only four wires on the transformer on-board, this means your board is a single secondary transformer board.

In this case, normally, the console is powered by an external power supply (usually batteries). In this case, you will need to purchase a single secondary control board, which is cheaper.

Double secondary transformer controller

If there are six cables on the transformer on-board, this means that your board is a double secondary transformer board.

In this case, the controller also powers the console of your treadmill.


Both boards single and double are supplied with different connectors.

You should choose the correct connector for your board to simplify installation.

Connector types normally used are:

For single secondary transformer controllers

wide 5 evenly-spaced pins connector

narrow connector with 5 close pin

For double secondary transformer controllers

Wide connector with 5 pins, total length approximately 2 cm, evenly-spaced pins

Narrow connector with 5 pins, total length about 1 cm, close pins.

Wide type connector, 3 + 2 pins (with space between 3 and 2), total length about 2.5 cm. This is the type that is provided on this page

Power supply

The board provided in this listing has power supply for the console.

The most common board models replaced with this board are: FH058-H 301S209 (different models Reebok including-Run, T 3.1, Diadora DT2, DT3 DT4, Orion, Sound, TRX, etc.), TW-230E 301S112 (used on Fassi, Cammax), JD-230 E/E 301S025 DF-1 h (used on Cammax, Vegas Pro, Atala and other models), JD230 F/F 301S108 (used on Atala, Greenmaster and others), KXTL-230 301S067 , KX 058H (Reebok Edge and others), KXTL xee (various versions, used on Energetics, which Power Runner, and other brands of treadmills), 301S067 (Sprinter and other models), Kettler model/LED2, 089 TW-230E 301S025, 301S162 CKC-230, KX-230V (Energetic 500 and others), GMC-TD10A-220V, GMC-TD40A-220V, Greenfit models (e.g. STR series) and Well-Net, for example High Runner 2008, Reebok (various models), Roger Black, Gold Medal, Everlast (i.e. Elite) , Momentum (various models), treadmill T504, Get Fit Pro 300 and other, Body Perfect, Wega Fitness, Fitness pros and, etc.

Many treadmills have been equipped with this board, such as Reebok, Diadora, Cammax, Atala, Energetics, Sprinter, Greenfit, Well-Net, Roger Black, Everlast, Momentum, Get Fit, Body Perfect, Wega Fitness, Fitness Pro

We recommend you to carefully check the wiring because boards with different connectors were manufactured with the same model number over time.
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