Specific notes for maintenance and repair of Proform, Nordick Track and Weslo treadmills

The maintenance of the Proform, Nordick Track and Weslo treadmills is similar to that of other treadmills, but you need to pay close attention to three aspects.

  1. The motor mounted on most of these treadmills (and on some BH and Decathlon treadmills) is a 130v motor. Without going into technical details, this type of motor is particularly stressed, especially if the belt is not in the perfect condition. It is therefore recommended to replace the running belt frequently (at latest every 4 years) and to monitor the motor temperature as described in the monthly maintenance instructions.
  2. Some treadmills reported incorrect indications of "not lubricating" the belt. Unfortunately, the indication was referred to the initial period so surely you have to lubricate the treadmill running belt as indicated in the weekly and monthly maintenance instructions.
  3. Compared to other brands, it is much more common that to make the treadmills work fine, it is necessary to replace the running belt from the standard one mounted during manufacturing to one of those with low friction.

In the in-depth links you will find specific information especially for the electronics and the calibration of Proform, Nordick Track and Weslo treadmills.

Insights on maintenance and repair of Proform, NordickTrack and Weslo treadmills

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