Universal treadmill board and console kit – suitable for any DC treadmill motor

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Universal treadmill controller and console kit, suitable for 180-230V DC motors.
Special notes: for treadmills with manual inclination and for treadmills with inclination without encoder, contact us. See in the video below how the universal replacement kit works.
This kit is made up of:

    console with backlight LCD, generous size

    powerful control board that can drive DC motors of any size

    security key

    magnetic sensor kit + magnet to be placed on the treadmill roller to read the speed

Console Features

    Security key

    Provides reading of BMI (body index) and body fat

    Gradient control: 12 levels inclination motor

    Programs: manual, 8 pre-set programs, objectives, HRC and 2 user settings

    Simple speed control, inclination and start / stop

    Predisposition for heartbeat control (via handpulse or chest belt by means of a special adapter)


    Pass the wiring of the new kit, by drilling a small hole in the original console plastic

    Remove the original treadmill's motor controller, including any connected transformers, which will no longer be needed

    Place the new control board in place of the old one, and then reconnect the cables as instructed.

        Speed ​​sensor 2 PIN connector

            if the old board did not have speed sensor -> install the 2 pin sensor provided in the kit on the roller

            if the old board had a 3 or 4 pin sensor - remove the old sensor and install the 2 pin sensor supplied in the kit on the roller

        Inclination sensor: 3 PIN connector

        Console data cable: 4 PIN connector

        Main motor cables: two Faston connectors, M + (red) and M- (black)

        Inclination Motor Cables: Three Faston Connectors, White COM - Red UP - Black DOWN

        AC power cables (place on AC connectors).

    Connect the console data cables, in particular, the controller-console data cable and any other connectors (handpulse, additional keyboards), as shown in the enclosed scheme.

    Now paste the new console, using the two-sided tape supplied with the kit.
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