Motor compatible with Greenmaster DC Motor GMD82-06-2B, GMD95-06-1B and B1K051 (1,6hp) Diam.82

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Treadmill motor compatible with Greenmaster DC Motor GMD82-06-2B, GMD95-06-1B and B1K051 (1,6hp) Diam.82.

Please note that fixing holes may differ from your motor. If so, please adjust fixing plate or use jubilee clips for fixing (provided in the motor package).

Note: Original motor manufacturer is out of business, only compatible motors from different manufacturers are available.
Treadmill motor, DC. Compatible with Greenmaster DC Motor GMD82-06-2B, GMD95-06-1B and B1K051 (1,6hp) Diam.82


1. Check for proper lubrication of the running belt

2. Check the correct tensioning of the drive belt and of the running belt

3. Remove the old motor Connect the new motor (Faston M + corresponds to the red wire M- corresponds to the black wire)

After installation, follow the instructions below to maximise motor and treadmill life and avoid early breakage.

1. Regularly lubricate the running deck

2. Always start with your feet on the side rails (FIRST start the running belt at 1km/h and then step on it)

3. Keep a walking speed over 5km/h.

4. After training, check if the motor overheats. If the motor reaches 45 ° C verify the correct installation and maintenance.

Special Cases

1. If the motor board does not have a speed sensor, it is necessary to calibrate the new engine. Please proceed by turning the speed trimmer of 1/4 turn at a time

2. If the mounting holes do not match those on the treadmill, you can alternatively drill the bracket on the treadmill or fix the engine with jubilee clips / metal bands (provided together with the replacement motor).

3. If the engine touches the top of the motor cover, please position spacer washers (available from hardware stores) under the motor hood to keep it slightly raised.

4. If the motor turns reverse direction, please switch the RED and BLACK cables.
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