How to solve treadmill belt slipping - How to replacing treadmill belt

Belt Tensioning - treadmill belt adjustment | what to do when you treadmill belt slips

If the treadmill belt is slipping during use, you probably need to tension it. The treadmill has two tension bolts in the back of the treadmill. Using a 6 mm Allen Wrench, turn the right and left tension bolts 1/2 turn clockwise. After each 1/2 turn adjustment, test to see if the slipping is eliminated.
If you turn one side more than the other, the belt will start to drift to the side of the treadmill and need to be aligned.

For testing, let the treadmill walk at very low speed (1 km/h) and try to stop the belt. If when you plant your foot on the belt, you can feel slipping sensation then the belt has stretched and is slipping across the rollers.

Replacing a treadmill belt - what if you can't solve slipping problem

Over-tightening the belt will cause additional loading on the treadmill motor and controller. So if slipping is not eliminated, you may need to replace the belt. After 5/6 years the belt will probably need to be replaced, because it has lost its elasticity. Make sure you buy a brand new quality running belt. If you get an used or old one, the same problem will occur to you in short time.

When you replace the belt, always clean off the front roller to remove any extra lubricant. When cleaning the roller, make sure that you don’t get any water, detergent or solvent in the bearings or other components on the treadmill.

See this blog post and video for a guide about how to replace the running belt.

Proform treadmill belt replacement and nordictrack treadmill belt replacement: special hints

Proform treadmill belts usually get damaged earlier than other belts. We strongly suggest to replace them every 4/5 years, because the original belts have a quite high friction factor. It means the treadmill motor and controller get more load during workout and may be damaged.

Another important trick is that if your treadmill is still slipping after you install the new running belt, you should check carefully the front roller. On Nordick Track and Proform treadmills it happens quite often that the pulley detaches from the front roller. If that happened, stick it again in place.

Replacement belt for treadmill: other tricks

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