Repair of treadmill | Your treadmill is out of service

If you find yourself in this section it means that you have encountered some problems in the maintenance phases, or that your treadmill is out of service.
In both cases do not despair, we can help you, but keep in mind that it may be appropriate to ask for the visit of a specialized technician, because some operations are difficult to do. Even if you have enough experience, remember that dangerous currents are present in the treadmill that may remain for some time even when the power is disconnected and that errors in the assembly or configuration could be dangerous for those who use the treadmill.

The most common problems you may have to face are:

  • Transmission belt, running belt or treadmill deck: e.g. worn belt, slipping, worn belt or excessive friction, in this case generally the fault is easily identifiable and you can proceed with the replacement by yourself, look at the insights or our blog.
  • Treadmill speed sensor: does the computer display errors (usually E1, E2, or E3) and the treadmill turns a few moments and then stops? It's likely that the problem is the sensor, and you can usually replace it by yourself, it's not overly complicated.
  • Treadmill Motor Board: doesn’t the treadmill start? Only the inclination works but the main motor doesn’t start? Does the treadmill start at maximum speed and you cannot adjust it? The treadmill board in all these cases is the first suspect, especially if a visual inspection shows signs of burns or broken parts. Look at the insights or our blog to replace it. Take a picture of the board and mark where all the cables go to avoid doubts when you will replace it.
  • Treadmill Motor: you must be careful because often a problem you can think of deriving from the motor of the treadmill depends instead on other components. The motor does not start at all? Then it's more probably a board problem. Does the motor warm up or has little "strength"? In almost all cases it depends on poor maintenance or on the running belt to be replaced.On the contrary, high consumption of the motor current even if unloaded, the fact that the motor does not rotate uniformly, the need to push the belt to start the treadmill, the presence of black spots and burn marks on the motor manifold or the presence pieces of plastic / loose resin coming out of the motor fan are symptoms that the motor must be replaced. In this case, be careful because the motor may have been damaged because of lacks in periodic maintenance.
  • Treadmill inclination motor: malfunctions on the tilting part are largely dependent on the inclination motor and in a lower percentage derive from the board. By detaching the tilt motor and by placing a tester (AC-220V) between com and up and between com and down you can in the meantime check if voltage comes on the outputs of the board when you control the inclination from the console ... if there is no power, change the board. If there is power but the incline engine doesn’t move, replace the tilt motor.
  • Treadmill Rollers: to solve noisiness of the treadmill rollers or other problems it is best to replace them or if not possible to send them to a specialized workshop to have them revised. Please contact us if you need help to do so.
  • Treadmill Cables: frayed, torn or pinched cables should be replaced promptly: usually you can do it yourself by buying them on our website
  • Console: faults in the treadmill console are very rare. Unless the problem is evident (e.g. broken display), first check that the safety key makes a good contact, that all the cables are well connected and that the motor board is working fine.

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